Company Overview

Spinel USA LLC (Spinel) is a camera module manufacturing company based out of Orange County, CA. We design, develop and manufacture Serial JPEG cameras, USB cameras, Network (IP) cameras, and other specialty cameras. Camera modules and finished cameras are both offered.

With the growing need of cameras in almost every industry, Spinel offers a wide range of standard products that can be modified upon request. We work with individuals, institutions, and companies, to offer custom solutions to fit the unique needs of each project. With a large staff, and decades of combined experience in the industry, we aim to meet the demands of the market for a large variety of different camera modules and cameras.

Spinel is heavily invested in R&D, with some of the best, and most experienced engineers in the world. We work closely with clients in different industries, to develop new and cutting-edge camera solutions, using the latest technologies. Technical support is readily available to assist in trouble shooting.

In addition, Spinel offers OEM/ODM services, as well as PCB manufacturing services, to help better serve our client’s specific needs. Our capabilities include everything around the camera, such as camera enclosure, wire harness, cable assembly, and other accessories.

Spinel is proud to be a part of this growing field. We invite all innovators, for large or small projects, to allow us the opportunity to be a part of their journey.

What to expect:

  • Affordable products and solutions
  • Low cost development service
  • Strict quality control measures
  • Warranty, repairs and replacements
  • Experienced & available staff
  • Facilities in USA & China

Our Mission

Spinel strives to innovate. We aim to partner with forward-thinkers to bring high demand products to the market. We welcome challenges and look forward to breaking ground on new technologies that can transform industries. Our vision is to lead the way with our partners in introducing new products that can usher in a better world. Our philosophy is to maintain a high level of professionalism in every step to help our partners excel.

Our vision

Spinel guarantees quality. We offer a systematic approach to insure the highest quality. Our mission is to provide peace of mind for all clients, by offering timely delivery of products in perfect condition. We pride ourselves in always staying within the agreed upon budget throughout the entire process, so that our clients can focus on everything else. Our commitment is to stand behind our products and give honest unbiased advice, so client’s can plan accordingly with no surprises.