PCB Manufacturing Service

Our manufacturing plants are ready to meet the needs of all industries. Factory direct production allows us to have full oversight over the manufacturing and assembly of our boards. We do not work with Providers/Suppliers and only focus on building our own products. By doing so we are able to provide the highest quality of products, highest standard of quality control, and the lowest prices on the market. We aim to assist all clients with their PCB needs. We invite you to work with us to see the difference.

Consumer Electronics

From cell phones, to TVs, to Bluetooth devices and headphones; consumer electronics are seeing large growth. Specialized knowledge and experience in the field of manufacturing the PCBs of these devices is the important foundation to make sure the final product functions properly. We have many years of experience to address the different needs of clients that are either entering into this field or are looking to find new avenues for saving cost and improving quality of existing PCB manufacturing and assembly. Rigid boards, Metal Core boards, and Flex Circuits along with other special requests can be made to fit the right design.

We are active members and supporters of the CES and welcome working with the special needs of new-comers as well veterans in the industry in innovating new products.

Medical Industry

Diagnostic and procedural equipments have seen a big shift of adding digital technology to revolutionize the healthcare field. Customized PCB manufacturing and assembly is at the heart of success for these devices. The proper functioning of these devices rely heavily on the latest technologies available today. Our engineers and machines are equipped to have these specialized PCBs manufactured and assembled to the correct specifications. With hundreds of experienced laborers, the lead time can be quick and cost effective. Capabilities of fabricating Flex and  Rigid boards helps us meet the requirements of the medical field.


Our experienced team of staff will work with all clients in a professional manner. All designs are treated as protected intellectual property. Our goal is to help meet your needs to bring new products into the market and improve existing ones. Industrial, aerospace and automotive industries can rely on our expertise to deliver high quality PCBs.

By manufacturing and assembling PCBs at our own plants, while keeping the costs of operations down; we are able to focus on providing high quality production at competitive prices. We look forward to serving the needs of US and Canadian clients.

Competitive Pricing

Guranteed Quality

Fast Lead Time

Door to door Delivery

General specification

Specifications Technology
Number of layers Rigid PCB: 1 - 30
Flex PCB: 1-8
Rigid-flex PCBs: 2-12
Board Material FR4
Aluminium core
Rigid-flex mix
Maximum Board Thickness 0.236” (6.00mm)
Maximum Board Size 25” x 43” (635mm x 1100 mm)
Maximum Board Thickness 0.236” (6.00mm)
Maximum Board Size 25” x 43” (635mm x 1100 mm)
Coper Thickness